Dschadi's Turkish Angora Cats

At this homepage I want to show my cats and my cattery. I'm 51 years old and living with my son Jens (26 years) in Bielefeld, a beautiful town near the Teutoburger forrest. Some pictures of my home you can down this side. Since 1992 the Turkish Angora cats came into my heart. 
At a very good friend of mine, Schwester Edith from Preußisch Oldendorf, cattery a Juglandi regia, I saw this beautiful cats. From her I got my first cat: Zadegan a Juglandi regia. A very nice white lady with dark blue eyes. This charming girl took my heart by storm. Since this time the Angoras with their gentle and playful character are an importand part in my live.

During the last years 25 litters are born in my home. I enjoy breeding this cats and everyone who needs information about this breed is welcome in my home. Sometimes I have kitten for sale in every acknowledged colour, special in silvertabby or white.
It will last some time until little curly Cornish Rex kitten will romb around my flat. First I will show my two beautiful curly coated females!
If you want some more informations, please take a look at the list of my links: there you can find some other breeders. Also it would be kind of you to write down in my guestbook.



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My home is my castle



Roses in my garden
Summer 2006

Springtime 2006

Winterzeit im Pferdekampweg 44   Wintertime at my home
Sommerzeit im Katzenauslauf   Summertime in my cats free walk
meine Küche   my kitchen
mein Wohnzimmer - my living room   mein Esszimmer - my dining room
meine Katzendeko - my decoration cat    
und hier bin ich bei der Arbeit mit meinen Kolleginnen   here is my work together with my workmates