CFA GC. Dschadi's Lovely Rita,
Turkish Angora female,
blue silver patched tabby + white

season 2007/2008
CFA best Turkish Angora cat European Division
CFA 5th best Turkish Angora kitten

born 02-07-2007:




Wain Harding at the show in Bülach, Switzerland 1st of June 2008: he made Rita best Allbreed Champion

 and my female my first own GC and the first Turkish Angora over here in Europe that got the title CFA Grand Champion in the European Division.

Thank you very much to the judges who used Rita in their finals and also big thank you to my friends who crossed their fingers for me all the time!








Dschadi's Nowhere Man, Lovely Rita + Eleanor Rigby


Dschadi's Lovely Rita